welcome to the makers taking part in Super Seconds Saturday!

All of these lovely makers were involved in Super Seconds Saturday on 27th February 2021.

Check back in September to see who's involved in October 2021!

Check out the hashtag #supersecondssaturday to see more of the makers on Instagram.

Do you want to see if a specific maker is involved? Head to the A-Z of Makers page so you can spot them in alphabetical order!

Maggie Magoo Designs.jpg

For when you're looking for a little bit of everything. These lovely makers sell  a range of things each!

Button _ Stitch.jpg

For those looking for clothing, pouches, sewing patterns, t-shirts, gloves, cushions and even pants!

Prints by the Bay.jpeg

For when you're looking for prints, art and cards to jazz up your walls (and re-stock your card box!)

The Mindful Potter.jpeg

For when you're looking for lovely bowls, jugs, ceramic jewellery and decorative ceramic pieces

6B354E63-5211-4AB9-A2E6-AB8186D8F06C - T

For those seeking out lovely homeware goods to jazz up your home. Perfect for adding to your home in lockdown!

Anita Ivancenko.jpg

For those seeking pin badges in a range of colours and styles

Loch Ness Leather.jpg

For those looking for bags, hats, jewellery, leather goods and lots more!

Imo Imo Baby.jpg

For people looking for kids wear, prints for children and things to jazz up a child's space

Handmade by Tinni - Emilia Necklaces.jpg

For those looking for new jewellery - this category has everything from acrylic jewellery and metal, to clay and ceramic